About Us

Bay Area is a automatic gate installation and repair company that is located in California. This company provides California gate owners with gate repair service. The company deals with a wide variety of gates, including front yard gates, automatic gates, pool gates, balcony railing, stairway railing, apartment gates, and more. Whatever the issue, feel free to call (800) 570-1277 for any questions.

Whether the job requires changing the route of the gate, switching an existing gate with a new one, or more, our gate installers can help. They do basic automatic gate installation, iron welding, and gate door opener replacement or repair.

Our service provider can provide a wide variety of gate doors, swinging gate doors, and lifting gate doors, including sliding gate doors, automatic gate doors, Whether it is the gate itself that is need of repair, or the gate opener, a gate repairman can help you to fix the problem.

Residential or commercial, gates can fulfill a wide range of roles, include providing security from benefiting the aesthetic beauty of the home, and helping to prevent children from wandering off of the property.

For all of these issues, the gate installer can tailor how the gate will look to fit the needs of the home owner, and choose the gate opener that will match the requirements of the gate.

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